Artist’s statement


I am a story teller.  I begin with stories about my own life and hope that they will resonate with the stories of other people’s lives.  I like to use humour to comment on society, or the media, or just everyday life.

Sometimes I use photography, frequently I use found objects and, increasingly, I am drawn to the potentiality of performance art. I love text and the games you can play with words.

I am curious about the degree to which the media sets the rules and consumerism defines us. The way we think of ourselves as individuals but become less so with every Primark purchase.  Then there is the rise of a frugality industry.  A  subject  I commented on with Let them eat cake (2009), which uses the once humble cupcake as a symbol for the commodification of what were once common, domestic skills such as baking, dressmaking and knitting.  Re-packaging them as fashionable hobbies for those with the money and leisure to pursue them.

My work grows out of my personal experience and observations as a middle-aged, heterosexual, white woman, living in a society that for the most part ignores women over forty.  From this starting point I  investigate the way society, and the media in particular, influences the way we see ourselves and each other.

In this media driven society, no one who is considered beautiful or attractive is over a size 10 or more than 35 years old.   To be female and middle aged is to often be silent and invisible.  I am interested in finding ways of articulating this kind of experience and giving a voice and a presence where it has been denied.

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